Below, is a selection of testimonials from clients I have worked with:

‘Thank you for taking the time and care to listen, the most precious gift of all.’

‘This counselling experience has been such an important part of my life and I would not be the person I am beginning to become without it and you. You have managed to guide me, support me and challenge me. You have made me realise that I am important and that my life is again an adventure and I have a new beginning not an ending.’

‘These words seem inadequate to thank you for the psychotherapy sessions you gave me. I did not feel I needed that kind of help but I was very wrong. Thank you for proving that I have been resourceful and resilient. Previously I would not have used these words to
describe myself.’

‘I struggle to find the words to let you know what your help has meant to me. I have come out the other side a more resilient person, not scared to believe I matter and able (on many occasions) to put myself first and not feel guilty for doing so.’

‘The style of therapy you used was perfect and your input was invaluable.’

‘I am obviously still experiencing ‘issues’ and life is such that I always will. However, I now feel I have been given the tools to help me deal with this. I am realistic to know that this is only the beginning of my learning journey and I have to continue developing and working at it.’