about counselling

about counselling

Why Counselling or Psychotherapy?

If we find it difficult to open up with family or friends about what’s troubling us, talking with your psychotherapist offers a different approach to thinking about your particular situation and what might be troubling you, and discovering alternative ways to respond. These responses can be life changing. 

How many sessions will I need?

This is an important consideration that will be addressed at our initial session in the context of what is talked about.

Short-term counselling of 6-12 sessions can be very effective to deal with (and resolve) difficulties that have recently surfaced in your life; for instance, stresses at work or challenges from a new relationship.

Longer-term or open-ended psychotherapy is likely to be more appropriate if, for instance, the difficulties you are presenting have been around for a while, continue to be troublesome and simply won’t go away despite all your efforts and good intentions. Having the time to explore these in greater depth will offer a new level of understanding and, with it, the finding of lasting solutions.

During therapy, we will regularly review how things are going. This includes working towards a planned ending.

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