getting started

getting started

The first step is for us to meet so that we can think about what is troubling you and how I can best help. Our initial session will be an opportunity for us to talk about what has brought you to counselling and to decide if I am the right person to help you. We will also explore what you are hoping to achieve from counselling.

If we decide to work together we will agree a contract covering the day and time of sessions, the fee and other practical details. Many issues can be resolved with short term work, typically 6 to 12 sessions, whilst some may need longer term therapy. This is an important matter that will be discussed when we meet. If we decide not to work together, I can help you to think about other possibilities

In our sessions we will work at your own pace, in response to what you bring to each session. This means that you won’t feel under any pressure to move too quickly through events. Equally, we won’t discuss any painful or personal events until you’re ready to explore them.

Counselling sessions 

The initial assessment session can last up to 80 minutes. After that, all sessions will be 50 minutes. In most cases, these take place at the same day and time each week.


Sessions are held in Kirkby Lonsdale on Tuesday afternoons / evenings and Wednesday mornings.


The fee of the initial assessment is £25; for subsequent sessions, it is £40. Concessionary fee arrangements may be available depending on circumstances and availability. This can be discussed during the assessment. 

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