getting started

getting started


Counselling Arrangements

For the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, all my counselling contacts will be either on-line/Skype or the telephone. During this period, I will maintain a flexible approach to offering appointments in response to clients’ own availability.

Please give me a call if you want to discuss meeting up for an initial session. This meeting carries no further obligations or conditions on either side. It’s primarily an opportunity to explore, together, what’s going on for you and for me to think about whether I am the appropriate counsellor to support you. If we decide not to work together, I can help you think about other possibilities and/or referrals.

‘Front line’ staff – including NHS and care workers – will not be charged for up to three counselling sessions during the pandemic.

For all other clients, the initial assessment session will be free; each subsequent session will be £25.

I also offer supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors on-line / telephone at £30/session.

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